Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 23rd!

Last Friday marked 27 years that we've known each other.

Sunday was 23 years of marriage!

Hard to believe we are that old!

We had a lovely dinner at Folk's Folly.  I am so lucky to have this man by my side.    Love him so!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I just learned when you hold the photo button on the iPhone, the phone takes rapid fire pictures.

Caught a picture with Buddy's tongue out!
These are my two cute boys!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Track Meet

Peanut keeps gettting faster and faster…

We are so grateful for all the upperclassmen who have embraced his success.  What great role models they are.  I keep reminding Peanut to remember all this so he can do the same when he is a senior.
He has another meet this weekend.  Crossing our fingers for a few more seconds!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Track Season

Peanut is running track this spring.  We are still learning all about the sport.  He's got a mean one mile and two mile.  The meets are on Tuesdays and on weekends.  A couple weekends ago, we got lucky.  The weather was wonderful.  Peanut participated in the distance medley relay.
Last Tuesday, the weather turned cold.  Of course, he ran in the second to last event.  We were chilled to the bone by that time.  It was still fun to watch him run.
This weekend, the meet was postponed.  We had some thunderstorms roll through on Friday resulting in the track being flooded on Saturday.  We ended up with a free day - but I am not sure I have anything to show for it!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break 2014::History

In the blink of an eye…spring break was history.

Pumpkin had a very early flight out of New Orleans on Sunday morning.  We waited for his flight to take off and then started our drive home.
He was teasing me that I'd have to have a little sob fest in the car.  I keep getting better.  It is not easier to say goodbye, but I'm learning.  He is so excited about his summer experiences.  We are all a bit envious.  I want him to savor it all - just wish the end of July wasn't so far away.  I wonder if I'll recognize him them...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break 2014::Day Eight

We made it to the WWII Museum in New Orleans.  Hats off to the museum for a job extremely well done.  My brain was overloaded, but that is how I roll.  The guys read EVERY plaque in the place.  We just about closed the museum.  Of course, we were thrilled to learn more about the Coast Guard and their role in the war.  
We saw the movie, Beyond All Boundaries, narrated by Tom Hanks.  Technology has come so far.  No longer limited to just the flat screen.  We went to see Final Mission:USS Tang Experience.  It is quite novel too.  It is about the last battle of the USS Tang submarine in the Pacific.
Each person is given a card with an actual crew member on it.  You get an idea of what their job was.  The sub sank in battle, but there were survivors.  Granted, not many survived, but still miraculous that anyone did.  Peanut was the only one in our group that survived.
If you are in New Orleans, save some time for the museum.  It is disturbing.  Lots of innocent lives were lost from war, Holocaust, and nuclear bombs.  We left the place discussing the impact of nuclear bombs.  It was a very thought-provoking educational visit.  We have to be educated to prevent atrocities from reoccurring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break 2014::Day Seven

Adding to our list of tours, we took a tour of St. Louis cemetery.  Most of New Orleans is at or below sea level which presents a problem for the traditional burial.  Early on in the settlement of the city, bodies were buried above ground.  The vaults vary in size, hold family members and carry their own stories.  It is a sacred area, but at the same time lots of architecture and lots of stories.  Unfortunately, some of the cemeteries have faced vandalism.  I can't even imagine.  Save Our Cemeteries is trying to restore/maintain.  We were happy to support their cause.
In our quest to find a place for lunch, we ended up by Tulane.  We did a quick walk around after finding a parking spot.  Some of the roads in that area rival the roads in Massachusetts.  The potholes were awful.  Couldn't figure it out as the folks up north have gotten lots of snow this winter.  You'd expect it up there, but not down in NO.
We finally decided on lunch at Reginelli's pizza.  It is a local chain.  The pizza was wonderful.  The Santa Margharita wonderful.  It is of the frozen variety with infused basil.  Yum!
 Early in the evening we made our way back to the Quarter to watch a small St. Patrick's parade.
 Waiting for the parade to start.  Ahh!  Love their heads on my shoulders.
 Family Selfie!
 We all got some beads.  It was fun making me want to go back sometime during Mardi Gras.
We looked for an oyster place.  None of us have had oysters and we talked about giving them a try.  Unfortunately, we got turned around on Bourbon street.  It was getting late and I just did not feel like it was the place for a family.  We ended up eating at Charter House, a favorite of Tennessee Williams.  Best fried green tomatoes and good food!