Thursday, October 30, 2014

Orange Blue Meet

For Friday afternoon swim practice, coach organized a intra squad meet.  The swimmers were divided into two teams.  It seemed like they had a ball!  We got to see some swim parents.  I would have liked to have met lots more.  But, it is hard to socialize when you are trying to watch the swimmers swim.  Pumpkin looked pretty good.  The season starts in about a week!

The facility is a bit old.  Every time I see the small tile around the pool deck, I marvel at how good and clean it looks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cross Country Regionals 2014

Peanut ran in the Regional Cross Country competition on Friday.  We were miles away in CT and I was still nervous at start time.  It was very hot.  He looked very strong for the first two miles.  Then, something happened.  We think is has something to do with hydration, iron or potassium.  We are proud of him for finishing.  Not a personal best time, but still very strong.

He runs at State on Saturday and it is supposed to be lots cooler.  I'm anxious already.  I'm encouraging bananas every day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parent's Weekend 2014

For the Friday of Parent's Weekend, parents are welcome to attend class with their cadet.  Pumpkin has a full Friday schedule.  I was afraid it would be a long day.  It was so nice to get an idea of where he goes, who he is with, who teaches him, and what the day is like.  We were grateful the Physics professor cut the two hour class short.

We pre ordered lunch and ate the big ball room.  Pumpkin had the Big Guy's birthday gifts.  It was too funny.  He got him protective gear for working in the yard.  Just like his mom, the Big Guy attracts all biting bugs and rash giving plants!
They did a mock rescue on the Thames.  We took the lazy route and watched from inside.  If you look closely you can see the helo parked on the soccer field.
In this shot, both helos are on the field.  They were open for tours.  We had to pass as Differential Equations was calling.
 On our way to class...
On Friday late afternoon, the swim team had an inner squad meet.  I was so glad they did this this year. It was fun to watch the kids and chat with some parents.

Pumpkin got to spend the night with us.  We were up bright and early Saturday morning.  He got ready for review and we went to some parent meetings.  The kids hate the review stuff.  But, they sure do look sharp.
We got to see Pumpkin's dorm room and then headed to the football game.  We missed the peak of the leaves by about a week.  The view from the stands is still pretty impressive.

Friday night, the Idlers, the male singing group, sang at Griswold Inn.  It is a very old colonial restaurant.  They sang in the tap room.  We had to go back the next afternoon to retrieve someone's credit card.  No names mentioned, but it wasn't me!
 The town of Essex is very old.  After we got the card, we walked around for just a bit.

From Essex, we headed down to New Haven.  I'd hoped to get a better glimpse of Yale, but it was late and dark.  Ironically, a few weeks ago, the Big Guy heard about pizza in New Haven on NPR.  We researched it.  It turns out they have some of the best pizza in the country.  We waited in line at Frank Pepe's.  The wait was long.  We met the nicest local family.  They made the time fly by.  It was worth the wait.
Of course, we had to find ice cream after dinner.  I think we were in the heart of the Yale campus.  Ashley's makes fresh ice cream every day.  It was so yummy!
We all slept in on Sunday.  We went to Kitchen Little for a late breakfast.  It is a small restaurant pretty much right on the water in Mystic, CT.
We ended the weekend at the oldest steam powered cider mill.  It was very crowded.  Again, we waited in a long line to buy some donuts and cider.  The apple cider donuts were wonderful.  If we had been staying longer, we might have tried the hard cider.

The weekend would have been even better if - if Peanut would have been with us.  I loved spending time with Pumpkin.  He is doing well.  The best thing is we are on the four week countdown to Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Parent's Weekend Selfies

On Thursday morning, the Big Guy and I flew to CT for Parent's Weekend.  It was kind of odd with just the two of us traveling.  We decided to snap selfless and text them to the boys.  The idea if we over-communicate with them, they may do the same with us!

Memphis airport
 On the plane bound for Atlanta
 Listening to the podcast Serial using a splitter.
Next plane, Atlanta to Hartford
 Waiting at baggage claim to claim our bag
We met with some parents, socialized, then headed out.  We went to The Engine Room in Mystic, CT. We will go back there.
We spent the day at the Academy.  But, ended it at the Griswold Inn listening to the CGA Idlers, the all male singing group.  I know it is blurry.  Only pic we got before the battery died.
 Waiting for the football game to begin.  Lovely day!
 Waiting for fresh apple cider donuts at BF Clyde's Cider Mill.  Yum!
 As always, it goes by too fast.  We were sad to leave CT.
 But, happy to get home and see Peanut
Last plane ride from Atlanta to Memphis.  Our kettle corn, Utz very dark sourdough pretzels and red pepper hummus was dinner.  Yes!  I am still chewing.  We snapped it to send to the boys before they backed the plane up.
I have been kind of lazy today going through a let-down phase.  It is so nice to see Pumpkin and get snapshots into his life.  All was ok on the home front.  The Big Guy and I were so thankful to get to go!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Columbarium Dedication

To be honest, I had to look up Columbarium to understand what it really meant.  There was a dedication at the Academy last week.  Pumpkin got to sing a bit.  No audio, but I'll take the sneak peak into his world at the Academy.

We get to see Pumpkin in person at the end of the week for Parent's Weekend!  Wahoo!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Once Upon A Town

Our town started an initiative this month for all of Collierville to read the same book.  Big Guy finished the book, Once Upon A Town, by Bob Greene.  I've got it on my bedside, but knitting is the priority this time of the year!  Anyway, Collierville is a town where the railroad played an important part in the town history.  The town square is built around the railroad.  Once Upon a Town is about the railroad depot in North Platte, Nebraska.  They built a canteen and "fed" all the troops arriving and departing during WWII.  It was such a touch of humanity.  Yesterday, the town hosted a brief presentation of Collierville's help in WWII.  Then, the movie, The Canteen Spirit, was shown.  The Big Guy and I went.  We were the youngest folks there.  I think.  It was very interesting.  The movie was touching.  A kind gesture of greeting the troops had such an impact!  As I watched, I wondered if my dad stopped in North Platte on his way to San Francisco.  He served in WWII.  For whatever reason, he was picked out of the crowd and pulled off a ship headed for the Pacific theatre.

After the movie, we met Peanut for lunch at Cafe Piazza.  It is one of my favorite restaurants right on the railroad tracks off the Collierville square.  We splurged combining lunch and dinner.  I imbibed in their house wine.  It was wonderful!  We saved just a little room for dessert and walked to City Hall Cheesecake.  We shared a yummy slice of red velvet cheesecake.  That little shop is where we had Pumpkin's going away party.  It was nice to have him there with us - if only in spirit!

It was a lovely afternoon/early evening.  Peanut headed off with friends and we came home to watch football.  I made lots of progress knitting!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Southern Vegetable Pie

Last night we had a dinner that had my name all over it.  I looked through the Lebonheur cookbook, Key Ingredients, on a mission to try something new.  I decided on the recipe, Southern Vegetable Pie.  It is similar to this one.  I cut the recipe in half and it made plenty for the three of us.  IMO is was great! The guys were giving me a hard time as there wasn't any meat in the dish.  Even so, they enjoyed it too.
This is one of those dishes that Pumpkin would not have touched.  We were joking that if he was home for dinner he would have made a beeline for the pb&j!