Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Table is Ready

My table is ready.  The forth leaf was added!  Just gotta make puppy chow, mop the kitchen floor, work a few hours, change the sheets and, then, a certain someone should land in Memphis!  We know he is excited to come home for a few days.  So glad he is getting out of the northeast before the weather hits.
On Sunday afternoon, we were leaving Costco.  I know these iPhone pictures do not do it justice.  This was the brightest rainbow we've ever seen.  As we drove, it seemed like we might be able to touch the end of the rainbow.  However, that pot of gold was elusive as the end kept moving.  It was just beautiful!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Those Eyes

Those eyes…I'll get to see them in person in a little over 24 hours!
They do look a bit scary peering through the goggles.  I am sure they will be sparkling!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chef's Life

A few months ago, I was exploring on Apple TV and came across the best show, A Chef's Life.  It is no secret that I enjoy to cook.  I was completely enamored with Vivian from the first episode.  The funny thing is so was the Big Guy.  If you have access, give the show a watch.  We are so sad that we got through all the episodes and have wait for new releases.  We are also trying to figure out a way to get to Lenoir City.  Someday, we will get to Chef and a Farmer!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Office Move

The Big Guy started in a new position on Monday!  He was excited.  It is always stimulating to expand your horizons.  I helped him with some of the stuff.  He wanted to have it all in place.  That way he could focus on the new job.

His new office is actually an old work room.  The music is playing and he will move again before the music stops.  He got a desk on Monday and hung a few more pictures.  It is now his home away from home!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dinner Out

We went to mass this evening and decided to go to dinner after.  We opted for a restaurant that is a bit higher end.  We had a lovely dinner.  Peanut was our photographer.  I thought he'd take the honors with lobster pizza, but I got the award.  I ordered the pasta special, a butternut ravioli with blackened shrimp.   I should have known.  When you order the special, you never know the cost.  Oh!  Well!  It was yummy.  I decided we won't eat out again until Pumpkin gets home.  I still feel guilty going out to a nice meal without him.  
Yep.  Had glasses on for the picture.  I wear them most when I knit, but I noticed my eyesight is not perfect in the romantic lighting.  The Big Guy and I were laughing about our eyes.

Gonna sleep in tomorrow, let it warm up and then take Buddy on a long walk.

Friday, November 14, 2014


We took advantage of having Veteran's Day out of school and went to the doctor's office.  We wanted to get Peanut checked out after the few "issues" while running cross country.  Turns out, all indicators point to his breathing.  He gets so far into the race and for whatever reason sort of starts to hyperventilate.  He has got to learn how to take deep breaths.  We will see how that helps.

It never fails.  They promptly call us back to the exam room and then we wait and wait.  Not the best selfie.  I was trying to anything except go bonkers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lap Dog?

Ninety-nine percent of the time, Buddy wanders off behind a chair, curls up and is dreaming in minutes.  The other evening, though, he decided he wanted to be a lap dog.  He is so funny.  He slinks one paw up and then the other and then the other and finally he is all the way up.  There is nothing sly about 65 pounds climbing up on your lap!  The good thing is that he doesn't normally want to cuddle for long.  As Pumpkins said, "He loves his pappa!"
I'm thinking he loves me most right now.  He is patiently waiting for his morning walk.  I gotta bundle up.  It is one of the coldest mornings yet this fall!